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Message From The President


November 30, 2017


Dearly Beloved of God.


I hope you and your loved ones are in good health.  Atlantic Union College is sustained by God, through the many people who support the College.  For this, we are thankful.


An educational plan that takes into consideration the financial costs should include Atlantic Union College. The tuition is discounted, and other colleges are accepting AUC students who transfer into their degree programs. 


In the two years of the re-start of AUC, three students have been accepted and transferred to Andrews University to continue their Theology degree studies, another student transferred to Andrews University to continue a Health Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and one student entered the M.DIV program.


Starting at AUC, a student may complete a college degree with less financial expense. Students may transfer, with the credits they earned at Atlantic Union College, to Andrews University or Southwestern Adventist University to complete a degree program not yet offered at AUC


AUC is located close enough to home, yet some travel is necessary; however, students remain in the Atlantic Union Conference region attending a Christian Seventh-day Adventist higher education institution surrounded by a culture of graciousness, dignity, respect, and Christian love.


AUC Restart Synopsis:

  • Atlantic Union College has completed two academic years of operation, with increasing enrollments; after nearly five years of Zero enrollment.
  • Atlantic Union College is in the forefront of Adventist institutions of higher education with the offering of Certificate Programs.
  • The enrollment slightly declined after, by coincidence or causation, the public announcement of the "withholding " of a Conference's subsidy. An act which certainly detracts from the momentum of enrollment and accreditation.  
  • In January 2018, the Spring semester begins at AUC. Certificate Programs begin on January 7, 2018 , and the Degree Programs begin on January 8, 2018 . Students are expected to return and there is anticipation that new students will register.
  • Prior to the restart of the academic programs in 2015, the subsidy was used for purposes consistent with its current use; except, currently there are additional salaries including faculty and student workers whose payment comes out of the subsidy.
  • AUC has traditionally been known as the "small New England School".  All small businesses require approximately five years to achieve stability and or profit.  AUC has only, to date, completed two academic years.
  • There is more work to be done in the Atlantic Union territory, and AUC is a part of that mission.


Important Landmark Dates for the Re-Establishment of Atlantic Union College 

  • The request to begin the process of NEASC accreditation has been approved. In late 2011, the Board of Trustees submitted an application to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education to obtain permission to restart the academic programs. In 2013, conditional approval was granted for a five-year period. This process culminates in June 2018.
  • The NAD-recommended Independent Feasibility Study team will report their findings in January 2018. The measurable process has been accomplished on all the indices for the areas of regaining accreditation and building the academic programs.  The area of finance, however, needs further attention.


We ask that you participate in this extraordinary act of faith by sending a systematic gift of ten dollars ($10) a month, or a one-time gift of one hundred twenty dollars ($120)  AND ask someone else to do the same. We're close enough to the next step in the advancement of AUC that we see a light at the end of the tunnel.


The fundraising campaign is titled "Let There Be Light”.  That motto is also on the shield/emblem of the college, which states "Fiat Lux".




Please help AUC continue to move forward by the leading of God's Holy Spirit, and your assistance.  Click on auc.edu/fiatlux to speed your tax-deductible gift to the fund of your choice.


Or take a moment to be the blessing God is pouring out on AUC and write your check payable to:

Atlantic Union College
338 Main Street
Lancaster MA 01523
Memo: gift choice (General Endowment, General Scholarships, Other gifts- please specify)

Your assistance is needed immediately, or as soon as possible.


Thank you. Be well.


In Christian Service,

Dr. Avis Hendrickson


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